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About Yoder Candle Company

Yoder Candle Company Logo.jpg

The Yoder Candle Company was founded prior to 2000 in Yoder, Kansas; a small Amish community. The reputation of Yoder Candles quickly spread throughout the region and beyond. Yoder Candles developed loyal customers across the United States. 


In 2011 the founder of Yoder Candles was unable to continue the production of candles but in 2015 finally found someone to entrust his formulas and trade secrets to in order to provide you the best candles made anywhere.


What makes our candles different?


  • We start with the scent. Our proprietary formulas enable us to have a scent load much greater than other candles you have smelled. Try one of our candles and you will instantly smell the difference.


  • Long Lasting. Our candles burn for over forty hours of constant burn. We recommend burning for three hours at a time, then letting the candle cool before burning again.  The fragrance throw will be exceptional and you will get the most out of your candles.

  • Our new Natural Wax formulas, containing Beeswax, have even better performance. 


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