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Helping the planet never smelled so good.

You can help pollinator species while enjoying your favorite YCC scents.

pollinators are in trouble. There are over 100,000 species that act as pollinators and bees are the most important. Pollinators are in decline around the world and loss of habitat is a key factor in this. 

Our mission is to help pollinator species and the overall environment. We start with a sustainable and an ecologically friendly product. We then support regional beekeepers by using their beeswax in our product. But most importantly we encourage the broadening of pollinator habitat by incorporating flower seeds into our product.

beeseeds is the product supporting this effort. using a biodegradable carton, we adhere seeds of 19 species of wildflowers ideal for pollinators.

  • Seeds are Perennial and Annual species well suited for planting across the united states.

  • Carton is recycled paper.

  • Laser engraved label reduces the dyes used.

    • The outer sleeve does have inks.​

  • Seeds are adhered using a natural and water soluble adhesive.

  • Scented wax is 100% natural - containing beeswax. No dyes.

simply tear the carton into pieces and plant in shallow soil to begin your new pollinator flower garden.

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Siberian Wallflower           Cheiranthus allioni           Perennial/Biennial

Cosmos Sensation Mix        Cosmos bipinnatus             Annual

Lance Leaf Coreopsis            Coreposis lanceolata          Perennial

California Poppy Orange     Eschscholzia californica     Perennial/Annual

Lemon Queen Sunflower    Helianthus annuus             Annual

Purple Coneflower              Echinacea purpurea             Perennial

Baby Blue Eyes                      Nemophila menziesii         Annual

Evening Primrose               Oenothera lamarckiana     Annual

Perennial Lupine                Lupinus perennis               Perennial

Red Corn Poppy                    Papaver rhoeas                    Annual

Purple Phacelia                    Phacelia tanacetifolia        Annual

New England Aster             Aster novae angliae           Perennial

Perennial Gaillardia          Gaillardia aristata              Perennial

Gayfeather/Blazing Star     Liatris spicata                      Perennial

Sweet Alyssum                     Lobularia maritima            Perennial

Bergamot                            Monarda fistulosa              Perennial

Yellow Prairie Coneflower  Ratibida columnifera         Perennial

Crimson Clover                  Trifolium incarnatum      Annual

Butterfly Milkweed              Asclepias tuberosa              perennial

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