Thank you for taking a look at our product.

Below you will get more information on the features of BeeSeeds, how to use them, and why we are making this product. 

each Container contains one of our best scented wax melts and Pollinator flower seeds. 

The seeds are selected to grow through the United States and are well suited for pollinator species. 

Our goal is to place enough seeds in a container to be comparable to a packet of seeds that you would get at your local garden center. Unfortunately, we seem to be placing much more than that. We have seen similar seed mixes selling for about $10 with 200mg of seed inside. Our containers are getting 2-4 grams of seed. 

Take care when opening the package as some seeds will come loose. We are using a natural and water soluble adhesive. and it does not perform as well as other glues would. We apologize for any inconvenience...but we want the seeds to be in the best condition possible to have the best shot at germination. 

Our container is made of 100% recycled paper. We are ditching the single-use plastic typically used for scented wax melts.